Improving Profitability
Furniture & Kitchen Manufacturers
Struggling with high overheads?
Lack of productivity?
Low profit margins and high debt?

There’s nothing more frustrating than doing really great work, yet not making the profit you deserve

The Problem is Epidemic Among Furniture and Kitchen Manufacturers

It sounds like this…”We make really good stuff.  Our clients are happy.  Our turnover is high.  So why aren’t I making the money I should be? “

Over two decades of working with dozens of businesses with turnovers ranging from $1M to $30M a year we’ve noticed common issues.

  • You’ve been in business for years. Maybe decades.
  • You suffer ongoing cash flow problems. Juggling money to buy raw materials, stock, pay wages.
  • Or you may be turning over millions of dollars but realise very little of it in ongoing profit. Sometimes as little as 1% to 2%. Or worse, make a loss periodically without realising it.
  • There may be high levels of debt, to the banks or even worse, family.
  • You feel everything depends on you.  You work long hours, feel stressed and often wonder why you’re doing this. Your staff may well get paid more than you do.  But you feel there’s really no alternative.  If you’re not there pushing, things slacken off and eventually stop.

Sound familiar?  You’re not alone… 

We’ve identified the 3 key areas you must fix if you want your business to return to healthy profit margins.

When You’re Ready To Improve Your Profitability…

It’s time to implement a clear and practical process to determine your cost base accurately and improve productivity per employee which will allow you to set accurate pricing to get the best return from your efforts.

Start by requesting our free guide on “The 3 Keys To Generating The Profit You Want” – specifically written for Furniture, Wardrobe and Kitchen Manufacturers in Australia.

How we help you become more profitable

Costing & Pricing

Many businesses think they’re profitable, but they’re not.  At least not to the extent they want to be.

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Improving Productivity

We determine production inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

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Wage Incentive Schemes

Reward incentives and piece rates are a great way to improve production efficiency.

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